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The Answers, Information, Resources You Need to Make the Decision That's Best For You

Sticking with the �underwater� theme, our mission at Homeowner 101 is to provide the A.I.R. (Answers, Information, and Resources) you need to get back to a place where homeownership is a source of financial stability and peace of mind. Because the more you know about the situation you�re in, the better prepared you�ll be to take smart action.


How would a short sale affect my credit? If I default, when can I buy a home again? Can the bank come after me for what I owe? What about the IRS? Taking into account your unique situation, your needs, and your goals, the Underwater Homeowners Assessment and Action Plan will give you the answers you need to make the best financial decision for yourself and your family.


Knowledge is power. In the Upside Down Mortgage Blog we publish our own articles, videos, and expert interviews � as well as those provided by our partners � to give you a sense of what other people in your situation are going through, what questions they�re asking, what options are they considering. If you�re not yet ready for Answers, empower yourself with Information.


Our goal is to give you all of the tools you need to get to the place where home is once again a source of financial stability and peace of mind. For links to links to videos, news reports, and white papers, plus links to the industry�s top legal advisors, tax accountants, short sale negotiators, and other professionals who can help, turn to the Underwater Homeowner Resource Center.

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