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Sally and Joe S., Phoenix

�We wanted to be able to buy a house again. A home our kids could grow up in. But most of all we wanted to not be scared. We wanted peace of mind. We wanted to be able to feel good about owning a home. Homeowner 101 helped us get that.�

Ginny P., Chandler

�After my husband died, I could no longer afford the payment on my mortgage � or my other bills. I tried to get the bank to do a loan modification, but they kept stalling, losing my paperwork, stalling some more all while I was getting deeper and deeper in trouble. Eventually, I had to file for bankruptcy. Not long after, the bank called and said that my loan modification was approved. I was so excited! I was about ready to go down and sign the paperwork, but my granddaughter insisted that I do the Homeowner 101 Assessment and Action Plan first.

�Thank heavens I did � they told me that the mortgage debt had been discharged in the bankruptcy along with all of the other debt. If I had signed those loan modification papers I would have been reinstating the loan on a house I really couldn�t afford. Thanks to the Homeowner 101 Assessment and Action Plan I didn�t sign the papers. Sure, I live in a rental home now, but it�s a nice little place and best of all, I can afford it. So I have a little money left over to take the great grandkids out for ice cream.�

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